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Ruth moved to the Island a few years ago having decided to settle in a new area. She chose the Island after hearing about the very proactive MS group here on the Island.
Ruth has found walking more and more difficult but does manage short distances with the aid of a walker.
The walking problem has meant that outings were largely limited to travel in her car. When she moved to the Island she settled in a bungalow just a few hundred yards from the cliff at Lake and enjoyed the walks along the cliff path.
When this became impossible, she asked if the branch could help in any way. Through a contact with a committee member at the Friday club she was able to obtain a part used electric wheelchair. It made just one trip to the cliff path when the batteries gave up. The committee agreed that a grant was in order to have new batteries supplied and fitted.
Ruth now has the freedom to enjoy the open air she enjoyed so much.
Within a few days of getting the wheelchair she used it to visit Shanklin sea front then travel along the sea wall all the way to Sandown to enjoy an ice cream before returning home. She has also used the wheelchair to attend a branch social over a mile and a half away.

I've been given back my garden.

Grace is a lady who has been a member for many years and who served as an active committee member. Despite her MS, shestill volunteers for us.
She lives in a housing association flat with a pretty garden.
Although she is unable to maintain her garden, a good neighbor in the flat above keeps it looking beautiful all year round.
Her sitting room had a large window overlooking the garden. Despite giving a lovely view to the downs beyond, it only allowed her to look, not get involved. From her front door to the garden gate was measured as about seventy yards through two awkward gates.
Grace's daughter mentioned to a committee member just how much her mum missed the garden as to get into the garden meant a long walk around the block of flats. She had her doubts that anything could be done as it is a rented property, but it would be so nice if the window could be replaced by French doors. A committee member spent time negotiating with the housing association bosses and finally obtained permission to have the work done. Quotes were obtained from three local builders and scrutinized by the committee. Application form for a grant having been completed, the committee approved a grant to allow work to start. The grant was made on the basis that it would make a significant improvement to Graces quality of life.
A radiator under the window was relocated, the window replaced with French doors and a step made into the garden.
Grace can now bring the garden indoors by opening the doors or easily get into the garden to sit in the sun.

Grace's comment to a committee member on completion of the work was "I have my garden back and can hang out my own washing!"


School run

At an awareness day event arranged by the Island branch a young family approached some of our committee members. As a mum to three children she knew nothing about the local group. She was delighted to hear how much support was available locally and at the MS centre in Shanklin. She spent quite a long time chatting whilst other committee members amused her young daughter.
One thing she was sad about was not being able to meet her child from her first school. Her husband had always had to take the roll of getting the little one to the school and home again.
During the conversation it was agreed that a small mobility scooter would give her so much freedom and free her husband from having to push her wheelchair everywhere as well as keeping an eye on three small children.. The three members of the support committee were present at the awareness day and agreed that the lady qualified for a grant towards getting the scooter and that it would make such a difference to her life. The forms were completed there and then.
Within a week she was in receipt of her shiny new scooter and within another week we were sent a picture of mum on her scooter and her daughter on their way home from school. It means so much to the whole family.


A lady (under 40) lives in a bungalow she loves but was thinking that she would have to leave as so much needed doing to adapt it to her needs. A complete conversation was required. A local authority 'Disabled Facilities Grant' would pay approximately 75% of the cost leaving a substantial shortfall. To enable the works to be undertaken the IW Group approved payment of the shortfall. The committee discussed the needs with both the local authority and the landlord and everything being approved the work was completed.
The list below shows just how extensive the work was and indicates how much easier it has made day to day living.
"A huge difference to my life in every thing I do every day, impossible things can now be achieved and I find life less stressful".

Remove existing bath and construct flush floor shower tray
Supply and install Mira advance thermostatically controlled shower
Fit WC including raising to required height
Renew and relocate wash hand basin
Supply and fit lever taps
Supply and fit suitable non slip flooring
Install mechanical ventilation
Provide electric wall mounted heater
Relocate existing light switch
Provide new internal door to bath room minimum 750mm
Supply and fit 3 suitable grab rails
Supply and fit lever taps to kitchen sink
Form ramps to front door
Supply and fit suitable external hand rail
Supply and fit new front door with low level threshold min.
Ensure all paths have adequate guarding
Widen existing paths to side of property
Supply and Fit suitable guide rails
Supply and fit lever taps to kitchen sink
Form ramps to front door
Supply and fit suitable external hand rail
Supply and fit new front door with low level threshold min. 800mm
Ensure all paths have adequate guarding
Widen existing paths to side of property
Remove 2 external front doors and replace with one new one


Andy's riser recliner chair.

Andy is one of those people who is an inspiration to us all. He is always determined to get the best out of everything he does and he has done some crazy things! To raise funds he fulfilled a lifelong ambition to drive around the motor racing circuit at Goodwood. He broke all the rules and did probably the slowest lap on his mobility scooter. He did three laps when he was only supposed to do one!
As moving about is getting more and more difficult Andy has to deal with extreme fatigue on a daily bases. He knows that just sitting and not moving is not helping his MS but finds that sometimes the struggle to get to his feet is too much.

Andy at the garden party he held at his home

A riser recliner seemed to be the answer as it helps him to a standing position and from there he can use his walking frame to move about indoors. Forms were completed to apply for a grant and an amount for his own contribution agreed. It just remained for Andy to choose the upholstery colour that he wanted
The chair is in constant use and has made a great improvement in his day to day life.


How it's done.



It is all done by thoughtful people who care, people with dedication pulling together to ensure we have the money to improve the lives of people living with MS and the people close to them.

Our shop in Shanklin produces the bulk of our funds. Donations of stock for the shop are always needed and welcome. A huge amount of work goes into arranging a grand auction every other year. We always need items or services that we can auction or good quality prizes for the raffle held at the same time. The auction raises a substantial amount for the kitty. Some truly amazing people have done amazing things whilst being sponsored. These events such as the Great South run are always a good source of funds. The cake break held once a year is a great way to raise funds whilst enjoying good company and great cakes.

National Centre will help people who choose to run such an event by letting you have an event pack with bunting, invitations and posters. For anyone doing a sponsored event we have a Free T-shirt. We have a good stock of sizes S - 3XL in the shop in Reent Street Shanklin. We will soon have a load of new collecting tins so I hope we can find some new sites quickly as otherwise they will take up a lot of space at the shop!

How you can help.

We need substantial funds in order for the Society to continue to help people with day today necessities and niceties that can help in so many ways. The committee and volunteers work tirelessly to obtain these funds and do so quite successfully. However, help to raise funds is always required and very welcome.
You can help in many ways. Volunteering to hold a fundraising event or to support a fundraising event, a direct bequest to the branch or have a simple collecting box at home. Do you or one of your contacts have somewhere we can locate a collecting tin, pub, shop, club for example. Maybe you have a deep down urge to swim the channel, climb Snowdon, free fall parachute jump or walk from Lands end to John O'groats. If that's the case, MS national centre will do all they can to help you in your efforts.
Leaving money in your will is an amazing way to show support to the charity that supports so many people.
If you have any idea's, no matter how outrageous, please talk to a committee member about it.


Learn to drive

A young lady who has MS contacted the society to see if there was any way we could help her through a really tough situation.
Her mum had been diagnosed with cancer she was finding it a real struggle to help her mum with transport to all the necessary medical appointments and teatment she needed. She said how much easier it would be if she could learn to drive as there was a possibility that she might be awarded a Motability car. She could not afford the lessons and so the Island group of the MS Society agreed to pay some of the costs involved in passing a driving test.
After asking after her health, she sent the following letter to the group.

Hi Jennie,
During these very hot days I am hiding from the heat wherever possible--it has knocked my body for six this year! I hope you are faring well?

I did take my driving lessons and I am incredibly grateful to the MS Society for helping me get started with them. I have been meaning to reach out with a proper thank you, so I'm glad you got in touch. I was rejected for PIP at assessment and tribunal, so the MS Soc grant was a massive help, and covered half of the total lessons I needed. I took learning slowly, and managed to pass my test after learning for around a year. Driving has opened up my life in so many ways, and the support from the MS Soc made it all possible. I can't thank you all enough.


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