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Hey !

We can all help the society with funds and hardly need to lift a finger to do so!

Here's what you do . . . . . . .

Tell everybody in your whole world that you are the person who needs their old mobile phones and printer cartridges. Thats it - as simple as that. Before long you will be ankle deep in phones and cartridges.
Then - and this bit is a bit complicated as you have three choices

1. Call anyone from the contacts page and they will collect them.

2. Take them along to any MS function and someone will deal with them for you.

3. Collect some of the FREEPOST bags from the MS shop, pop the items in the bag and drop them in the post box.

Every item you donate puts a bit of cash* in the funds. If lots of us do it - it will put lots of cash in the funds and it benefits the environment too!

Oh yes - you probably have to remind people from time to time that you collect the items for recycling - it's called nagging!

post box
  * Bit of cash - One Pound for each recyclable Ink Jet Cartridge and THREE pounds for each recyclable Phone!


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