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Through the magic of the web people can find any information they want about MS. However - this is the only website where you can find information about The Isle of Wight MS Society. So, I want this site to be an invaluable source of information about how the Island group can help you. A bit like the BBC, I want the site to entertain, inform and educate. It should also be a means of communication - a way you can have your say and see what you want on your website.

Hopefully we can provide you with a taste of how we can enhance the lives of peiole with Multiple Sclerosis, their carers, family and anyone else who is touched by this devastating condition.

This site does not pretend to give you all the answers to your questions. It will point you towards people who can help. What ever the topic, be it medical, support or transport, we will show you that you are not alone. Just a chance to chat with someone in a similar situation can be a real help.

The people on the contacts page could be the place to start. . . . . Let us help you master your MS.


Remember please, this is your website. Please pass any comments on any matter to a member of the coordinating team.
We would welcome your input and would be happy to add the sort of content that you would like to see.

It takes up to 5 times more energy for a person with MS to complete even the most simple task than it does for a person without MS.
We help many people in many ways. Have a look here at just a handful of ways we have tried to improve things for Island people living with MS
Look at the SUPPORT and VOUCHER SCHEME pages to see ways we might help you or someone you care about with MS



The National MS website offers a great deal of information, too much for us to share on our IW website. However, I was recently given a CD with about 25 minutes of information about relapses. Sometimes it is easier to absorb information when you can listen to it.
Click the link on the CD to hear for yourself. It is in seven short tracks which you can listen to in any order or go back to in order to get greater clarity.

2020 Friday Club dates are now listed on the Friday Club page.
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