Come along and have a great afternoon.

Super bowl is situated on the seafront in Ryde. There is a large car park with several disabled places nearby. There is level access to the venue and the venue is wheelchair friendly throughout including the loo! A hot or cold drink is provided for those bowling and catering facilities with a limited menu if you need them.

All levels of skill (or lack of it) are catered for to ensure that you enjoy yourself. There are a few who have played before and are now getting quite good at it, and those who have never played before. If you are one of the never before people don't worry, you can't miss. Some lanes have bumpers so you have to knock down something every time! There are a handful of players who bowl from either a wheelchair or electric scooter. Some folks who don't have either the strength or balance to hurl a bowling ball down the lane and so use a ramp to launch the ball.

Everyone helps each other and everyone has a great time. One of the group has the claim to fame of having the slowest ever 'strike' ever at Ryde Super bowl. The ball rolling gently along and just about reaching the end and gently toppling all ten pins!

From the front - Andy, Carol and Tom

Andy, Fay and Jennie

Andy about to launch and Fay looking on.

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