The organisation Arthritis Care has published a new booklet called ‘Coping with Pain’

So many people with MS spend large parts of their days in pain and dealing with that pain. Although published by Arthritus Care, the book will be of great help to those people suffering any long term condition with it's associated pain. Thanks to Arthritis Care, we may all be able to gain some useful tips to help.
Click the logo alongside to download book in PDF format.

HELPING DISABLED PEOPLE The local health authority felt it would be of assistance to both staff and visitors at the hospital, to have available some advice for people who need to help someone with a disability. A booklet was produced with the help of various organisations such as the Royal National Institute for the Blind, along with imput from people with disabilities. The information was collected, edited and put into a simple form by a member of the IOW MS Society.

The booklett is in use in various locations of the local health authority.

It covers most disabilities you may encounter on a day to day basis and covers the easiest way to help . . . if help is needed.

The booklet can be downloaded here in PDF format.


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Dorset For Singing & Melodic
A concert for MS was held at THE MINSTER NEWPORT on SATURDAY 21st MAY.

What an enjoyable way to spend a couple of hours and raise funds for local charities. On this occasion the local charity was us. Approximately one hundred people paid to listen to Dorset for Singing and the local choir, Melodic. The two choirs each gave us their rendition of a wide range of music, all performed with great enthusiasm and swing; the performances promoting huge rounds of applause from the audience. Music included Motown, a Carpenters' number and many other memorable numbers. Some even to sing along with! The two choirs joined forces at the end of the concert where their combined voices of nearly sixty choristers raised the roof with their rendition of 'One Day Like This' from Elbow and Les Mis "Do You Hear The People Sing". A bucket collection was held as people were leaving. This with the entry money meant funds of almost six hundred pounds were raised. Despite only having half an hour to rehearse together, they provided a really magnificent and memorable evening which gave everyone quite a buzz.
We owe a debt of gratitude to all who took part. Particular thanks to the choir leaders Ed, Jenny and Kay, Thanks also the young man on the sound mixing desk and every member of the choirs whose combined voices were as good for the soul as they were for the funds. Thanks to you all.

We had our Quiz and Cream Tea afternoon together with the Parkinson Society on 30th April and what a good afternoon it was! As well as providing the quiz, quiz master Terry Riddett and judge Jane Dollery we sported two very competent teams. The competition took the form of eight rounds of questions. At the halfway point after four rounds we had a break for the main event - the cream tea. At this point it was clear that two teams were fighting head to head. Those being the Parkinson's "Team one" and our team "The MS Muddlers".

The Parkinson's people did us proud with great service, plenty of coffee or tea and amazing fruit scones supplied by Rosemary from The Copper Kettle, Seaview. Topped with jam cream, they even had a strawberry on the top! There were seconds for those who could manage them.

The competition continued to be between three top teams right up to the last round. All teams having played their Jokers the final scores were within ONE point and as the scores were read out, the victors were Parkinson's "Team one" with the MS Muddling into second place - BY JUST ONE POINT!

Our thanks go to all who made it such a successful afternoon and particularly Ron from the Parkinson's society for all the effort he puts in to make a successful afternoon.

We hope to make this a regular event now and call on all members to give their support and get the MS Muddlers the trophy.

After all expenses, the event raised £150 shared equally between MS and Parkinson Societies

Fundraising News
May 2009
July 2009

Marie picture
Click picture to Watch Marie "Free Fall" for MS

Opening the MS Centre 24th May 2011.

On Tuesday 24th May 2011, at 2 pm Tim, our Island Chairman passed the scissors to Jane to open the Shop at the Shanklin Centre. Speeches were kept to a minimum. Tim expressed his pride in, and gratitude to, all the people who made the Centre such a success. His thanks were particularly addressed to Jane who, planted the idea of a 'Centre', ensured that it germinated and flourished to become such an asset to everyone on the Island touched in some way by MS. He passed the scissors to Jane who thanked everyone who pulled together to make things work. She then cut the ribbon to declare the shop officially open.

Friday 20th May is the date for the MS fundraising Cake Break. This has been a very worthwhile event for several reasons. It does increase awareness of MS. It encourages very friendly social interaction, raises substantial funds nationwide and the most important part, makes great cakes!
Just make a nice cake, invite family and friends to do the same and then invite them all round to eat them with copious supplies of tea and coffee. Donations for the refreshments along with funds from selling raffle tickets for surplus cakes can be paid into our local branch or sent to MS headquarters.
I'm looking forward to some Lemon Drizzle cake! If you would prefer, we will have extra supplies of delicious home made cakes in the shop in Shanklin.

OK - OK . . . . I know we have passed the cake break day - but that's no reason to stop making cakes! Why not have a cake break day once a month! I have found that people don't need much of an excuse to eat cake. Why not invite family and friends to your own cake break, sell them tea/coffee at a reasonable price and for a donation, everyone gets a tombola ticket and takes home a delicious home made cake. At the cake break I visited, there was good company, good conversation and great cakes!

If you organize a cake break of your own, tell the newsletter editor about it and maybe share the recipe with us all so we all make one too!

Oh yes - The lemon drizzle cake was amazing!


Wight Fair Writers' Circle

Wight Fair Writers' Circle organized a writing competition on the Island as previously reported on this page. The competition was well supported and I had the privilege of attending the prize giving at Newport. It was very encouraging for Carol Bridgestock and her husband Bob to see so many excellent entries, particularly from young people after all their hard work to organize the competition.

We have good cause to be grateful to the Wight Fair Writers' Circle as all entry money from the competition was donated to three local charities. These were The Barely Born Appeal, Love Russia and our local branch.

Our sincere thanks go to Carol and Bob, both accomplished crime writers,who took time from their busy schedule to come along on Saturday 5th February to our shop to present us with a cheque for £125. They spent a good time inspecting the centre and were very impressed with everything they saw. We enjoyed their conversation, company and enthusiasm over several cups of tea and coffee.

Pictured at the presentation are from left, Trudy, Sue Smith, Carol Bridgestock,
Jane Dollery and Tim Smith.
To read some of the winning entries, click on either pen above.


We are making a great effort to produce our Newsletter. We want to produce a quality publication that, as the BBC used to say, entertiain, informs and educates. But here comes the part where you do your bit. PLEASE SEND US STUFF TO INCLUDE. As the deadline date approaches for sending to the printers, the pressure increases to find stuff. It would be great to have so much material that some has to be held over to the next issue.
If you have any interesting stories, travel news, good news, favorite recipes, bus trips, photographs, embarrassing moments, heart warming moments, claims to fame or all of the above, please send them to any committee member and share them with the rest of us!



Recycle 'Old Mobiles'
Old phoneClick

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Click the aeroplane to read
one members experience of
long haul air travel


Proposed - but will only work with the support of members


I think it would be good to have a 'Gallery' page. It could include anything relevant to the MS Society. Some examples.

Members and their family holidays or adventures. (In the crows nest maybe)
New transport or equipment.
Hobbies - Sailing, carriage driving, cross stitch - whatever.
Or just people. We have some very good looking members and helpers.

Just to get the ball rolling - and because I have the photos - Click the camera to have a look!

Cartoon thinker Alf Murdoch has occasionally put pen to paper to record some of his thoughts. 'Reflections' represent a collection of his memories of life now and then.



We can include an ARTICLES FOR SALE and a WANTED section on these news pages.



The Island MS Branch has nearly 140 Members; I suspect that many of them use a computer. However, less than thirty members have provided an email address.

We would like to have email addresses for the database.


Well, with your consent, we can use your email to speed up communications. The best way to demonstrate this would be to send your copy of the Isle of Wight Newsletter by email.

As webmaster I know many people are cautious about giving their email address out to any Tom Dick and Harry. I understand this as I am careful too. However, MS Central Office already hold details of your name, address and maybe telephone number. I can assure you that they treat security very carefully. It would also mean the local branch could make a considerable saving in postage.

If you are happy to disclose your email address, then I would suggest that you let us know by using something along the line of the following

I am happy to disclose my email address to all areas of the MS Society.
I would like my email address to be kept by the local branch only.
I only want my email address used to send me my Newsletter.

Please indicate your wishes.

No sensitive matter would ever be dispatched by email; personal contact, telephone or 'snail mail' being the method used for such communications.

If you are happy about the above, then please send your preference, along with email address to me at or Jane, the Island branch secretary,

At some point, every day, you empty your pockets before taking off your trousers. You put the car keys on the sideboard or hall table and chuck a handful of 'small change' into a pot, piggy bank or an old cup. I have a little tub on the sideboard where my wife rummages about looking for one pound coins of fifty pence pieces to pop to the corner shop with. I don't know what our female friends do. Do your purses get fat with coppers and those annoying little five pence things? (They used to be called shillings when I was a lad). I suspect they get put into charity boxes on the counters in shops, maybe.
Small change

Well - when some of the committee were sat around with blank minds, there was lots of empty space where ideas could germinate, - and one did!
If we asked every member to put all that old change in a box, in no time at all, there would be a reasonable sum in there. The cogs started working, slowly at first, then began to speed up. If every member put in just thirteen pence a day (on average), that would amount to £50 over a year. We have already agreed what a irritation the small change is, so - that nuisance would become SEVEN THOUSAND, FIVE HUNDRED POUNDS if all our members used the little box idea.

The boxes will be included with your newsletter, and further supplies can be obtained from the MS shop or by asking at any of our socials.

How about asking visitors to empty their worthless change into your box, or better still get them to take a box home. They will appreciate it when their trouser pockets last longer!

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